Advocacy Inititatives

The AHJ Task Force has been identified as a priority by the Advocacy Steering Committee. The anticipated benefits from providing municipal authorities with updated information about professional scope aligns closely with the AAA’s regulatory focus and public safety:

The AAA upholds and administers the professional conduct and practice standards as set out by provincial legislation. Beyond these established responsibilities, the AAA champions the value that registered architects and licensed interior designers bring to Alberta’s built environment – including the intrinsic duty to serve and protect the public interest.

Moreover, municipal authorities are a definable and very accessible target audience so a formal implementation plan toward this prioritized objective would be both attainable and measurable.

The purpose of this AHJ task force is to enhance the awareness of municipal authorities so they better understand the legislated requirements of professional involvement. Ultimately, the AAA hopes this focused initiative will significantly reduce, and ideally eliminate, instances of non-professionals illegitimately gaining municipal approval for projects.

The AHJ task force will identify issues, stakeholders and key messages, as well as establish an annual work plan. The sub-committee will also give direction to a contractor, a position that council has funded for 2019.

The terms of reference for the new AHJ Task Force, as recently approved by the Advocacy Steering Committee, call for a minimum of three members serving one term. The chair of the AHJ sub-committee is to be appointed by the chair of the Advocacy Steering Committee who is currently Coben Christiansen. Please email if you are interested in serving on this unique committee.

Other Initatives

The other two AAA task forces within the Advocacy Steering Committee are also vitally important.

The new Government & External Relations Task Force has a mandate to develop and implement specific strategies on any matters related to promoting the value of our profession with government decision makers.

The new Public Education Task Force, also a working group, is responsible for identifying and implementing cost-effective strategies to promote the public’s perceived value and understanding of the services provided by professional architects and Licenced Interior Designers.

As per the AHJ Task Force, all members of these two ad hoc sub-committees are appointed by the Advocacy Committee Meeting Chair for one year. No one has yet been appointed to any task force committees; interested members can email for more information.