Alberta Seniors and Housing Updates

4/5/2019 12:00:00 AM

Last month Randy Krebes (AAA Practice Advisory Committee volunteer) and I met with Lynda Cuppens, Executive Director of the Capital Initiatives Branch of Alberta Seniors and Housing (ASHC). Lynda shared information about their third-quarter fiscal update and new partnership with Alberta Health for more integration of development and services, especially regarding continuing care lodges. There will be some upgrades as well as some new builds. She also mentioned a partnership with Community and Social Services related to permanent and supportive housing.

We provided Lynda with an update on activities within AAA including our new website with resources that may be of interest to her and her team; the online building envelope course; upcoming updates to the CHOP manual; and the key elements in our new advocacy strategy.

We flagged for her three particular Practice Bulletins: PB-15 Documents Authentication, PB-26 Professional Involvement on Building Projects, and PB-27 Providing Design Services During Project Procurement. We let her know we are working on a new practice bulletin to provide guidance for out-of-province firms who wish to pursue projects in Alberta before they are registered (PB-31).

In our conversation, we were also able to flag for her that the Whitecourt Affordable Housing Project RFP contained language that was confusing and suggested that design work was required prior to a contract being awarded which would prohibit AAA members from becoming involved.

Lynda explained that, in fact, the selected proponent would be engaged through a letter of acceptance for services up to the equivalent of a schematic design stage and that there would be remuneration for these services. Lynda explained that the “pre-award deliverables” refers to the work of the Design Build team that is required to confirm the project scope and expected construction costs. It provides ASHC with an off-ramp opportunity should these efforts not meet its expectations while supporting the obligations for AAA to have a written agreement in place prior to providing any professional services. She was appreciative of the AAA bringing this point forward.

Lynda noted that since we spoke last year, the quality of submissions from consultants has increased significantly which her team is pleased to see. She said creativity and innovation are also much more notable, so kudos to the AAA membership for bringing their A-game to these public projects!


Barbara Bruce, CAE, Hon. MRAIC
Executive Director
The Alberta Association of Architects

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Alberta Seniors and Housing Updates

An update from AAA Executive Director Barbara Bruce.