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12/7/2018 12:00:00 AM

Interior Design Advisory Committee (IDAC) 

IDAC developed a priority task list and has recently completed a Road Map for Intern Interior Designers (IIDs) and new content will be added to the AAA website to help the public to understand the difference between Licensed Interior Designers, Interior Designers and Interior Decorators. Stay tuned!

The Interior Design Legislation Task Force had the opportunity to review the Architects Act, and General Regulations as they relate to the profession of interior design. The review will continue into the New Year and the committee will bring forward recommendations to AAA Council to assist with updates to the legislation.


Registration Committee Volunteers 

The AAA is looking for more Licensed interior Designers to volunteer on the Registration Committee. Having two to three Licensed Interior Designers along with a Registered Architect in both Edmonton and Calgary would keep the time commitment reasonable – many hands make light work. Your participation would be greatly appreciated as the AAA has received several requests for this.

Click here for the Registration Committee’s terms of reference. Thank you in advance for stepping forward!

To volunteer for an AAA committee, please send a letter of interest and CV to


RAIC Document 10 

Did you know the RAIC has developed a standard contract that can be used by Licensed Interior Designers in Alberta? Document 10 – Standard Form of Agreement between Client and Licensed Interior Designer is an optional alternative to letter agreements or client written agreements.

RAIC Document 10 was specifically created for use between Clients and Licensed Interior Designers, and is available for download from the AAA website. The AAA obtained special permission from the RAIC to create Document 10. It was created in response to the unique interests of Licensed Interior Designers in Alberta since the exclusive scope of Licensed Interior Design work in Alberta is not protected in other parts of the country. This is also the reason that RAIC does not distribute Document 10 directly since it is a national organization.

Document 10 has been assessed to represent standards that fairly balance the needs and interests of clients, Licensed Interior Designers and contractors. It is also recognized as a document that can help Licensed Interior Designers achieve an appropriate standard of practice and to fulfill their ethical duty of care to their clients and the public.

All RAIC documents are copyright protected and licensed through the application of an accompanying seal that can be purchased directly through the RAIC website. The price of the seal is $75.00 for a set of eight which is the same cost for members or non-members of the RAIC. One does not need to be a member of the RAIC to download the RAIC documents or to purchase the seals. The use of RAIC documents without applying the necessary seals may be assessed as unprofessional conduct by the AAA.

View Document 10 and an accompanying guide here

Have a happy Holiday Season!

Natasha Jalbert and Donna Assaly

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Interior Design - Sharepoint

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