Submit a Complaint

Any person may lodge a complaint against an AAA member if they believe that the member has engaged in unprofessional conduct and/or the unskilled practice of architecture or interior design. 

When the AAA receives a written complaint, it will contact the member in question and provide the member with a copy of the complaint and supporting materials. Upon receipt of the complaint, the member is entitled to submit a written response and provide additional documentation. 

Complaints must be submitted online to the Registrar, and should contain a detailed description and as much documentation as possible in support of the complaint. 
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Provide a summary of your complaint. Include details such as the contractual background, specific projects and alleged misconduct. Supporting documents can be attached below.

The Registrar or the Chair of the Complaint Review Committee may request additional information in support of the complaint.
If you have attempted to resolve the dispute, please outline the steps taken and the outcome. Supporting documents (contract copies, written responses, etc.) can be attached below.
If you have not attempted to resolve the dispute, please explain why.