The contents below, in random order, represent the most commonly asked questions received by the Director of Practice and the Practice Advisory Committee. 

The information provided in response to these questions is a briefly summarized version of the information addressed, in detail, in the AAA Practice Advisories and Practice Bulletins.
I have been approached by an unhappy client to take over a project from another architect with whom there is a growing dispute. It is becoming messy—poor drawings, construction overruns, non-payment, etc. What do I need to do?

You must first decide if it is worthwhile for you to take over any project by assessing all circumstances. This is an important step since taking over a project means you assume full responsibility for it as if it were your own, from its inception to completion. You are also entitled to enter into a “clean” agreement with the client, i.e., with all outstanding matters between the original architect or licensed interior designer resolved as a condition precedent to beginning your own work.

For additional information, please refer to Practice Bulletin PB-06 Succession and follow the recommended protocols.
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