Change of Membership

Change or Cancellation of Membership
Members wishing to change or cancel individual or firm/corporation membership may complete and submit a Change of Membership Application, found below. Please refer to the application for additional details as to the requirements and process of such request.

NOTE: This application does not facilitate all changes to membership (i.e. Interns requesting registration, firms requesting to register as a corporation, etc.). If the desired change is not listed, please contact for assistance.

Leave Policy
Members wishing to apply for a temporary leave of absence may do so by completing and submitting one of the Leave Request Forms below. The AAA Leave Policy permits members to maintain their professional registration while taking a temporary leave of absence from practice or internship. 
Leave Request Form
(Adobe PDF File)

Change to Practice
Any changes to the firm/corporation name, ownership/share structure or letterhead must be approved by the Association prior to use by using the 
Change to Practice Application below: