FAQ: Membership & Dues

1.  What is my login username? 
  Individuals and firms have distinct accounts each with different login credentials.
  Individual Member Login
  Your login username is the first initial of your first name followed by your last name. Please note that your username must be at least six characters; therefore, the username may be followed by one or more 0’s to meet this requirement. For example, if your last name consists only of four characters, a 0 is added to the end. Please see the examples below.
  1. John Smith. Birthdate is Jan 15, 1965
    Username: jsmith
  2. Jane Wade. Birthdate is Aug 21, 1982
    Username: jwade0
  Firm/Corporation Login
  The login is your firm’s member ID number with AAA preceding it. Please see the example below.
  1. Member ID is 78901
    Username: AAA78901

2.  How do I change my password? 
  You may change your password by clicking on the ‘Membership’ tab at the top of the homepage and clicking ‘Manage your Account’ in the left sidebar. Then click the ‘Change Password’ button and follow the steps listed on the website. Make sure that the password you choose is at least 7 characters in length and contains one letter and one number.

3.  Forgotten username or password?
  If you do not remember your username, please see the following two options on the ‘Sign In’ webpage.
  Click on ‘Forgot username?’ and enter your email.
  Click on ‘Forgot password?’ and enter your username.
  If you require further assistance, please email info@aaa.ab.ca or contact us at 780.432.0224.

4.  What methods of payment are accepted? 
  Payment may be made online with credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) or by mailing a cheque/bank draft (made payable to: The Alberta Association of Architects) to the AAA office.

5.  What is the deadline for payment of my annual membership dues? 
  Annual dues must be paid by December 15th of the same year the dues invoice is issued. Payments received after December 15th will be assessed a one-time late fee: $50 for Intern Architects and $150 for all other membership types. Failure to pay dues by February 28th of the following year will result in a cancellation of membership.

6.  Where can I find a copy of my dues invoice? 
  Invoices can be found online here.
7.  Can my membership invoice be sent to me? 
  The AAA no longer mails membership dues invoices. A copy of your invoice can be found online.

8.  If my company sent in a cheque for my membership dues, how will I know if the AAA has received it? 
  A notification will be emailed once payment is received and processed and a receipt will be available online within three business days.

9.  Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my membership dues?
  You may contact the office or email dues@aaa.ab.ca .

10.  Can I appoint an administrator to access my dues invoice and/or receipt?
  To appoint an additional administrator to act on your behalf in obtaining information pertaining to your professional development, registration and reporting, please complete the additional administrator form and forward it to registration@aaa.ab.ca.
   Please use the following links to access the forms: 

11.  How do I change my personal information such as my residential and/or employer information?
  To edit your profile, click here .
  Note: For employer information changes, if the employer is not listed on the selection panel, please forward the notice of changes to registration@aaa.ab.ca.

12.  If I have changed my legal name in the last year, how do I update my member profile?  
  To change your legal name, please submit your change request with a scanned copy of your name change certificate to registration@aaa.ab.ca. Alternatively, you may mail your request to the AAA office. 

13.  How do I make changes to my membership status? 
  Members wishing to change or cancel their individual or firm/corporation membership must submit a Change of Membership application, found below.
  Note: This application does not facilitate all changes to membership (i.e. Interns requesting registration, firms requesting to register as a corporation, etc.). If the desired change is not listed, please contact registration@aaa.ab.ca for assistance. As the dues payment deadline is December 15, please submit any status changes before the deadline.

14.  If I am moving to another province, can I transfer my membership? 
  Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferrable. For practicing members, please contact registration@aaa.ab.ca. Intern architects can request transfer of approved experience hours by submitting a request to intern@aaa.ab.ca