Program Audit Policy

AAA members are responsible for self-reporting their learning activities via our online PD reporting system. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the learning activities being reported are in keeping with the guidelines of our program. Members are encouraged to review the guidelines prior to reporting their learning activities.  The AAA does perform quality assurance checks throughout the reporting period. Typically these are done to ensure that members are including supporting documentation when reporting Structured learning activities. This process is also intended to catch any duplicate entries that may be inputted in error.  

Following the close of each reporting period, a random audit of 3% of the membership will be done. This will entail a review of the member's transcript and the supporting documents. This process is intended to review the subject matter being reported, the number of learning hours as well as the supporting proof of participation for Structured learning activities. Where there are inconsistencies, the member will be asked to rectify these issues within a prescribed timeline. The matter may be referred to the Professional Development Advisory Committee where the issues cannot be resolved.