Course Provider Information

The Alberta Association of Architects established a Registered Course Provider Program as a system for professional organizations, businesses and educational providers to partner with the AAA as a way of offering a wider range of educational opportunities to our members. Members have the added benefit of knowing that the AAA has reviewed these educational offerings submitted by our group of Registered Course Providers.  

Are you an organization Interested in becoming a Registered Course Provider? Please review the following information sheet:
Registered Course Provider Registration Forms and Attendance Forms
New Course Providers are required to submit the following completed forms for review: 
•  Registered Course Provider Application Form,
•  Conference and Course Review Form - complete one for each course being offered,
•  Registered Course Provider Schedule of Fees Form, and
•  A copy of the PowerPoint (or PDF) presentation or a detailed course outline for each of the courses/sessions being offered.

Obligations of an AAA Registered Course Provider

Course Providers are reminded that their presentations must be of an educational nature and not to be of a strictly sales nature. Discussion of particular products or services should be of a general nature and not be seen as marketing or promotion of a specific company product or service. The course or conference must relevant to the practice of architecture and/or interior design. 

Registered Course Providers are responsible for reporting members’ attendance at their events, so members can be spared the task of self-reporting the learning activity. We ask that this attendance information be submitted to the Professional Development Coordinator within two weeks of the event/learning activity occurring. Providers are encouraged to use the attendance forms that are posted on our website. Members should indicate their full name, member number, and signature on these forms. Course Evaluation forms must also be made available to members in attendance. The attendance forms can be emailed to the Professional Development Coordinator at or faxed to 780-439-1431.

Please contact the Professional Development Officer at or 780-432-0224 if you have questions regarding the Registered Course Provider Program.