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The government has initiated a review of our act...

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The Legislation Committee is responsible for the review of The Architects Act and General Regulation. The Committee oversees and strikes task forces on specific issues as needed; these task forces are then chaired by members of this Committee. The Legislation Committee reviews reports received from the task forces and makes recommendations to Council regarding The Act and Regulation. This Committee will ensure there is member communication and outreach with both AAA members and external stakeholders on all proposed changes, and that potential revisions are reviewed with Government representatives as required. The Committee is tasked with preparing the recommended revisions in documents for presentation and approval by the members at the Annual General Meeting or Special Members Meetings.

Projected Timeline
   Time Period
Phase 1:    Consultations on Professional Liability Insurance and Allied Professions, along with additional planning and outreach    Fall 2012 
Phase 2:    Task Force solicit member input   2012/2013
Phase 3:    Produce "What We Heard" document to be presented to AAA members at 2013 AGM   March 2013
Phase 4:    Member engagement on the "What We Heard" document   Fall 2013
Phase 5:    Member Vote   Winter 2013
Phase 6:    External Stakeholder Engagement   2014 - 2016
Phase 7:    Negotiations with Government   2015 - 2016
Phase 8:    Submit Act to Legislative Assembly   Fall 2017 or Spring 2018

The Legislation Committee
Name    Committee Role 
Patti Swanson, Architect, AAA    Legislation Committee Chair 
Doug Campbell, Architect, AAA    Chair, Professional Liability Insurance Task Force 
Michele Gunn,
  Licensed Interior Designer, AAA 
  Member at Large: Title, Scope, and Allied Professions Task Force 
Marty Hodgson, Architect, AAA   Chair: Complaints Task Force
Randy Krebes, Architect, AAA    Chair: Practice Review Task Force 
Robert Labonte, Architect, AAA    Member at Large: Professional Liability Insurance Task Force 
Judith MacDougall, Architect, AAA    Co-Chair: Title, Scope and Allied Professions Task Force
Scott Pickles, Architect, AAA    Member at Large: Title, Scope and Allied Professions Task Force 
Darryl Rewniak, Architect, AAA    Chair: Practice Support Program Task Force 
Jan Pierzchajlo, Architect, AAA    Chair: Practice Entities Task Force*
Dale Taylor,  Architect, AAA    Co-Chair: Title, Scope and Allied Professions Task Force 
Beverly Wilson,
  Licensed Interior Designer, AAA 
  Member at Large: Title, Scope and Allied Professions Task Force 
Tom Sutherland, Architect, AAA    Served as Practice Entities Task Force Chair until his untimely death in 2015

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