Becoming An Intern Architect

An individual may apply for membership in the Association as an Intern Architect if the applicant:   
a. has a degree in architecture or equivalent;
b. has received certification of his academic qualifications from the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB);
c. is about to commence or has commenced the practical training referred to in the Education and Training Regulation; and
d.   has been issued an Intern Architect Program Canadian Experience Record Book by the AAA. All experience to be credited as practical training must be documented in this book. The experience book is designed on the basis of 3720 hours (2 calendar years) of employment.

Credential used: "Intern Architect, AAA"

Program Objectives

The Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) is a profession-wide, comprehensive program administered by AAA. A comprehensive internship program is necessary to acquire and reinforce the knowledge, integrity, judgment, skills, discipline and quest for learning that must serve the Architect for a lifetime.

The objectives of the program are:
1.   To define areas of Architectural practice in which Interns must acquire basic knowledge and skills;
2.   To encourage additional experience in the broad aspects of Architectural practice;
3.   To provide the highest quality information and advice about educational, internship and professional issues and opportunities;  
4.   To provide a uniform system for documentation and periodic assessment of internship activities;  
5.   To provide greater access to, and recognition of, supplementary educational opportunities designed to complement work experience; and 
6.   To involve the members of the profession in the development and training of future members. 

All experience to be credited as practical training must be documented in the Intern Architect Program Canadian Experience Record Book. The experience book is designed on the basis of 3,720 hours (minimum 2 calendar years) of employment. Procedures for recording and submitting experience records, as well as the Declarations of the Applicant and the Supervising Architect and Mentor, are available in print and through consultation with the Association.
Note: Employment is not required to enroll in the IAP.

Summary of Changes to the IAP
•   Overall reduction of the minimum required experience hours from 5600 (3 full time years) to 3720 (2 full time years); 
•   Elimination of Related Activity Hours (Category D - 80 hours) and Discretionary Hours (Category E - 1880 hours);
•   Experience hours can only we logged when the individual is registered in the Intern Architecture Program;  
•   As a result of the Discretionary Hours (Category E) being eliminated, hours can no longer be logged by students while they are attending a school of architecture;

For more information, please view our IAP Changes FAQ page.
To contact the AAA Intern Representative, email