For Employers and Mentors of Intern Interior Designers

Role of the Employer

An Employer is the individual within the firm, organization or practice who personally supervises and directs the Intern on a daily basis. The Employer should regularly assess the quality of the work performed and certify the Intern's documentation of work experience activity. Although the Employer is not responsible for documenting the Intern's activities, he or she should have a clear understanding of the objectives and experience requirements of the Internship Program and be familiar with the documentation procedures.

The Employer is expected to:
offer the Intern the full range of responsibilities and opportunities afforded by the practice of Architecture and/or Interior Design; 
review and evaluate the Intern's experience and performance;
provide detailed comments and recommendations on the Intern's Experience Summary Form or Quarterly Experience Record Sheet; and
certify the Intern's experience relating to employment within their logbook.

Role of the Mentor
Mentorship is a mandatory requirement of internship for Intern Interior Designers. Interns should choose a Mentor who is willing to commit to a long-term involvement in their professional growth. Mentors must be either Licensed Interior Designers or Registered Architects in the case of Intern Interior Designers. 

Mentors are expected to have a general understanding of the internship process including the objectives and experience requirements. 

The Intern may select a Mentor by:
asking a personal acquaintance;   
asking an Employer, previous Employer, or fellow Interns for recommendations; or
requesting the Association's assistance at

The following forms provide information necessary for Employers and Mentors of Intern Interior Designers.