Intern Interior Designer Experience Logbook

The purpose of the Intern Interior Designer Experience Logbook (IIDEL) is to provide the Intern with a tool to record the interior design experience, and to enable the AAA to verify and assess the nature and breadth of this experience. The Intern is responsible for maintaining a record of interior design experience in the Logbook.

The IIDEL has several functions in addition to association verification purposes. For the Intern, it identifies areas where intern design experience is being gained and areas where deficiencies exist, and can also be used as a tool in discussions with the employer to ensure he/she is getting suitable work experience in each of the required categories. For the supervising licensed interior designer (LID) or architect, it is an assessment and personnel management tool.
The emphasis in the IIDEL is to promote Intern/Supervising LID or Architect/Mentor dialogue.

Note: Credit will be granted only for experience gained while enrolled as an Intern. Experience can only be logged while working for an architectural or interior design firm under the supervision of a registered AAA member. A maximum allowance of 940 hours is permitted to interns working for a non-registered entity under the supervision of a registered AAA member.

Instructions for Completion of the IID Logbook
When 900—1000 hours of architectural experience have been completed or at each change of employment, you must submit your signed dated and certified Logbook.

Have the Supervising Architect/LID:
 Complete the Comments and Declaration portion
 Sign and date the Logbook
 Ensure that all pages of the form are initialed by your Employer (i.e. Supervisor)

Have the Mentor:
 Complete the Mentor Declaration portion
 Sign and date it

In summary, the Intern should do the following:
 Submit the Logbook to the AAA within 8 weeks of the date of the last entry
 Interns must retain copies of their submission

The AAA will provide a summary or approve a summary of the total hours approved to date on a Periodic Assessment Form and may make comments or suggestions it believes will benefit the Intern. These comments should serve to reinforce the advice already given to the Intern by the Supervising Architect and Mentor.