Syllabus Program

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Syllabus Program offers a combination of practical work experience and web-based academic courses. Upon completion, graduates are entitled to obtain the RAIC Syllabus Diploma. The Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) supports and recognizes the Syllabus Program and its affiliated degree programs BSc(Arch) and Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Architecture (PBDA) at the RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca. Some of the most common Syllabus Program questions and answers can be found below.

Becoming A Syllabus Student
Credentials used: Syllabus Student, AAA

APPLICATION - AAA Syllabus Student

Some of the most common Syllabus Program questions and answers can be found below.

Student Membership
Q.  When can I apply to become a Syllabus Student in Training (SSIT) with the AAA?
A.  You may apply for membership upon entering Part 2 of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Syllabus Program.
Q.  How is Syllabus student membership different from other AAA student membership?
A.   A SSIT with the AAA has all the same rights and privileges as a student member who is attending a university program at a Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) accredited university. Both types of student members are eligible to attend the Annual General Meetings, receive the monthly e-bulletin and attend other AAA functions at the student member rate. SSITs are also required to pay dues.
Q.  Do I need a different application form as a Syllabus student?
A.  Yes. There is an application tailored for Syllabus students.

Logging Hours
Q.  Will the AAA want to review my RAIC logbooks?
A.  Yes. Once you have logged 6,000 hours within the Syllabus Program, you will be required to start sending a copy of your logbooks to the AAA for review. You will need to be sure that the logbooks meet the requirements of the national Internship in Architecture program, with appropriate signatures from both your supervisor and mentor. Logbooks should be submitted to the AAA in increments of 1,000 hours. Fines will be levied to students who fail to submit in the time specified in the IAP appendix B, so it is important to take this process seriously.
Q.  What title is appropriate for me to use as an SSIT?
A.  As a Syllabus Student in Training you may represent your membership with AAA as follows: Jane Smith, AAA, Syllabus Student Member. The Practice Advisory on Right to Title provides some additional guidance on the use of title and related terms.

Q.  Compared to the regular internship path, is the Syllabus Program a shorter route to becoming registered with the AAA?
A.  No. Syllabus students undergo a lengthy program of combined education and experience that generally takes as long as 10 years to complete before they qualify for their CACB certificate and become eligible to write the ExAC exams. Using the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB), they are required to log a minimum of 9,800 hours before they complete the program. The national Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) requires just 3,720 hours of experience after university education is completed.

By the time graduating syllabus students have been certified by the CACB, they will have completed the equivalent experience requirements as an intern architect who was certified by CACB after graduating and completing the IAP log book.

Q.  What if I have already graduated from the Syllabus Program?
A.  If you have your CACB academic certification you may apply for internship with the AAA. However, unlike regular internship where you would then commence logging hours of experience, the hours already logged through the Syllabus Program will be reviewed by the Registration Committee. The hours recorded in the CERB logbook must comply with the IAP requirements for hours within each of the three categories and 15 sections.
Q.  Do I need to provide you with all 9,800 hours for review?
A.  No. The AAA Registration Committee will begin by reviewing the required 3,720 hours as per IAP standards. If they feel that additional information is needed, they may ask you for more details. You will need to highlight the sections of your logbook that total this amount, within the requisite categories and sections, for consideration by the committee.
Q.  What about the requirement for 940 hours of currency (940 hours logged in Alberta in the past two years)? What if I have moved around in the 10 or so years that I was in the Syllabus Program? 
A.  This requirement will be reviewed and the Registration Committee may, at their discretion, waive some or all of this requirement. However, do not assume that this requirement will be waived. It will depend on the nature of your experience.
Q.  Do I need to declare my mentor even though I have logged all of my hours? 
A.  Yes. One of the requirements for the national IAP is that you have a mentor; however, you may carry forward your mentor from the Syllabus Program.

ExAC Exam Eligibility
Q.  Can a Syllabus student register to write the ExAC exams once 2,800 hours have been logged?
A.  No. The national requirement for candidates to write the exam is that they be an intern with logged 2,800 hours logged. Once you have graduated from the Syllabus Program, you will need to register with the AAA as an intern. Once you are registered as an intern, the logbooks that you maintained during your time in the Syllabus Program will be reviewed. If you have the qualifying 2,800 hours (it would be highly unlikely that you wouldn’t), you should then be able to proceed.

Q.  Do Syllabus graduates still have to do an oral interview?
A.  Yes. Prior to becoming registered as an architect, all candidates are required to attend an interview conducted by members of the AAA Registration Committee. This final step is the same for all interns, regardless of whether you choose to pursue the regular IAP program or the Syllabus Program.