New Members 

New Registered/Licensed Members
In accordance with the Architects Act, s 12, a Registered Architect or Licensed Interior Designer may, within 15 days after publication of a notice of approval for a new AAA Registered Architect or Licensed Interior Designer, request the Council to review the application by serving on the Registrar a written request for review by the Council setting out the reasons why, in the Architect's or Interior Designer's opinion, the registration of the applicant concerned should be reviewed. 

The AAA is pleased to provide notice to the membership that the following individuals have recently been approved for registration/licensure as Registered Architects and Licensed Interior Designers.

Full registration/licensure will commence upon completion of the notice of approval term as listed within the approval date below:
New Registered Architects  Approval Date
 Carey van Der Zalm      August 2,2018
 Ashraf Kamal      August 2, 2018
 Tara Kunst      August 9, 2018
 Liza Skaria      August 14, 2018
 Arnie Cooper      August 14, 2018
 David Butterworth      August 14, 2018
Steven Kirshenblatt     August 14, 2018
 Edwin Rowse     August 14, 2018
 Graeme Stewart  August 14, 2018

New Licensed Interior Designers  Approval Date