Structured Learning

Structured learning activities are defined as organized educational sessions which teach the fundamental knowledge and skills related to the professional practices of Architecture and Interior Design. These learning activities can include courses, conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops - both in-person and online learning.  All Structured learning activities must be a minimum of one hour in length and must be supported by proof of participation. Acceptable forms of proof include a completion certificate, a transcript, an attendance form, a confirmation letter from the provider, etc. The AAA will update member transcripts directly with attendance information from AAA events, such as our Banff Session conference.

Structured learning activities should address one of the following Structured Learning Topic Areas:
  1. Legal Issues and Legislation
  2. Safety, Health, Accessibility, Fire Protection and Energy Conservation 
  3. Planning, Design and Technology
  4. Practice, Project and Business Management
  5. Energy and the Environment

For a detailed list of Structured learning topic areas, please click here.

Members acting as a mentor to one or more intern architects or intern interior designers as part of the AAA Intern Program, can apply to receive up to 4.0 Structured learning hours per reporting period. 

Members who participate as volunteers with the AAA Council, an AAA Committee or an AAA Task Force can request up to 4.0 Structured LHs per reporting period for time spent volunteering with the AAA.

In summary, to qualify as a Structured learning activity, the activity must meet the following criterion:
- Relate to architecture and/or interior design
- Relate to one of the Structured learning topics
- Be a minimum of 1 hour in length
- Be supported by proof of participation (ex. completion certificate, transcript, attendance form).  If there is no proof of participation the learning activity can be reported to the Unstructured category of learning.

The following are not acceptable forms of proof of participation:
- confirmation of registration
- receipts
- course itineraries or agendas
- course notes
- tickets

Note:  learning activities such as teaching, reading, completing tours and work with non-AAA committees should all be reported to the Unstructured category of learning. Please refer to the Unstructured learning page for more details.

For the 2018 - 2020 reporting period, a minimum of 35 Structured learning hours is required. All learning activities must be taken and reported between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2020 and be accompanied by an accepted form of proof of participation. 

Carry-Over Hours
Members can carry-over a maximum of 10 Structured learning hours.

Reporting Structured Learning Activities
Members can report their Structured Learning Activities through the online transcript.  Note that the accompanying proof of participation must be uploaded as part of the online reporting process.