Unstructured Learning

The Unstructured category of learning allows for a broader range of learning activities and recognizes the diverse nature of Architectural and Interior Design practices. This category of learning includes in-person learning and distance learning activities which are typically of more of an informal nature and which are not supported by evidence of participation. Further, this category of learning includes learning activities that a member may participate in outside of the office or the classroom. Official proof of completion is not required when reporting Unstructured learning activities.  Learning activities must be a minimum of one hour in length.

For the 2018 - 2020 reporting period, a minimum of 35 Unstructured learning hours is required. All learning activities must be taken and reported between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2020.
Note: An excess of Structured learning hours can be used to fulfill a shortfall of learning hours in the Unstructured category of learning, as required.

Categories of Unstructured Learning Activities
The following is a list of the different categories of Unstructured learning and their respective maximums.  

•  Committee Meetings - Includes attendance at committee meetings as a member of an organized group with a directive or activities which relate to the business or practice of architecture or interior design. This may include Civic, Professional organizations, and community committees. This does not include AAA meetings as involvement with AAA committees can be reported as Structured learning - up to 4.0 learning hours. (Maximum of 25 LHs per reporting period)
•  Discussion Group - An organized group of individuals gathered to discuss a specific topic or issue that is intended to support the practice of architecture or interior design. This can include lunch and learns, focus groups, design juries and roundtables. (Maximum 25 LHs)
•  Distance Education - Includes webinars, courses and online education modules (No Maximum)
•  In-person Learning - Includes lectures, seminars, workshops and college/university courses. (No Maximum)
•  Presenting/Teaching - Presenting, teaching and/or training for the purpose of informing others on a topic related to business or the practice of architecture and/or interior design. These presentations can take place at a conference, meeting, workshop, seminar or an educational institution.  This includes curriculum development. Note: This applies to part-time teaching only. (Maximum 25 LHs)
•  Professional Tours - Organized and guided tours which are intended to support or advance the practice of architecture and/or interior design by participating. Note: this does not include self-guided tours. (Maximum 15 LHs)
•  Professional Writing - A body of writing that has been prepared by the member and which is connected to the practice of architecture and/or interior design. This writing is shared with others through publication for the purpose of educating or informing others. (Maximum 25 LHs)
•  Reading - Includes the reading of books, periodicals and/or journals which are related to architecture and/or interior design. (Maximum 15 LHs)
•  Scholarly Research - Includes research that is conducted by the member for the purpose of advancing information and knowledge related to business or architecture and/or interior design. The research is used to educate and inform others, for example, through publication. (Maximum 45 LHs)

Note: learning activities must not be part of normal work/practice requirements. Normal business and practice activities carried out on a day-to-day basis do not qualify for learning hours. Listening to podcasts is ineligible for learning hours.

Carry-Over Hours
Members can carry-over a maximum of 20 Unstructured learning hours.

Reporting Unstructured Learning Activities

Members can report their Unstructured Learning activities through the online transcript.