The AAA, in partnership with PowerED™ by Athabasca University, hosted two webinars in early 2020 titled Compliance: Practice Perspectives in Alberta’s Building Design & Construction Industry. The webinars were led by the AAA through one of its education and outreach initiatives to help educate its members and authorities having jurisdictions on matters relating to regulatory compliance and the professional involvement requirements of AAA design professionals in Alberta building projects.

The attendees comprised of safety codes officers and municipal authorities having jurisdiction representing various organizations from across the Province as well as AAA member architects, licensed interior designers and their associated firms and professional practices.

The webinar content was prepared and delivered by the following co-presenters:

Nabil Habashy, Architect, AAA, MRAIC
Energy/Building Code Specialist
Municipal Affairs
Government of Alberta

Ulrik Seward, Architect, AAA
Managing Chief Approvals
City Building Services
City of Calgary

David Flanagan
Technical Advisor
Safety Codes, Permits and Inspections
City of Edmonton

Randy Krebes, Architect, AAA, MRAIC
Director of Practice
Alberta Association of Architects

Webinar - Compliance: Practice Perspectives in Alberta's Building Design & Construction Industry

The webinar co-presenters committed to responding to the attendee questions raised during the webinar. Responses to the webinar attendee questions were coordinated by the AAA and can be found on our Compliance Webinar Q&A page