Compliance Webinar Questions and Answers

Two webinars were hosted by the AAA in early 2020 that were intended to help educate members and authorities having jurisdiction on matters relating to regulatory compliance and the professional involvement requirements of AAA design professionals in Alberta building projects. 

The webinar co-presenters collected and answered all questions that were raised during and following the presentation and have presented the answers by topic below. A number of question and answers will be separately added and posted to this location once confirmed by the co-presenter organizations.

Cross Industry Compliance

The relationship between development and building permits.

Roles & Responsibilities of Design Professionals

The responsibilities of our members as practitioners and professionals.

Professional Involvement

Various scenarios with specific examples.

Documents Authentication

Covering digital records, seals, and the authentication process.

Illegal Practices

Discussion of illegal practice and its consequences.

Professional Conduct

The shared responsibility of ensuring public safety.

Safety Codes Act

Specific scenarios pertaining to the Safety Codes Act.

Permit Tracking Resources

An example of how to follow the status of a permit.

Legislation and Review Status

How legislation relates to the practice of architecture and interior design.

Where practical, questions of a similar nature have been combined to streamline the responses. In some instances, the questions have been re-worded to remove any references to specific individuals or organizations to maintain confidentiality.

Minor adjustments were made to some of the questions to help articulate their full intended meaning, correct spelling, errors and to remove any potentially accusatory or inflammatory language for the benefit of other attendees. In some instances, clarification was sought directly from the inquirers to confirm the full meaning of the questions.