Dani Lalonde

Dani lives for architectural design that is created as a result of a deep connection with the Client and the eventual occupants of the space. She believes that this honour to connect, to gain understanding, and to empathize, will ultimately result in the best possible project to realize the team’s vision and mission. She is particularly passionate about projects that are anchored in social and environmental sustainability, creating a sense of place for marginalized or less fortunate communities.

This passion for connection and community is rooted in Dani’s earliest memories and her interests in team sports, art, science, psychology, and travel. She has been truly shaped by both her mother and father. Her mother, a guidance counselor, artist, and extroverted social butterfly. Her father, a humanities teacher, avid reader, writer, and thoughtful introvert.

Dani’s life has been spent with her home base in Calgary, where she represented Team Alberta in national-level basketball, completed International Baccalaureate language and arts programs, and received both her Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary.

Throughout her years in Calgary, she has also been driven by a never-ending thirst for travel. She attended a Spanish language program in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and embarked on adventures across Canada, throughout the United States, the Dominican Republic, Australia, South East Asia, and Europe.

The summation of these life experiences, the values of community, connection, and cultural diversity, have shaped and will continue to shape Dani’s career for years to come.
In partnership with Jade Getz, Dani was a recipient of the Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarship for excellence in wood design. The award recognized their conceptual design of an Indigenous Cultural Centre on the bank of the Bow River in Calgary.
To my parents, Sharon and Michael, I have been privileged to have you and the life you have provided for me. To my big sister, Michelle, for sending me endless love and support.

To my partner Nick, your support through the endurance race has been immeasurable. We are partners on this path, dreaming endlessly and making things happen.

To my mentors, Marc Boutin for the inspiration and guidance in these early years. Bruce McKenzie, a master of empathy and human connection, for your consistent involvement in my professional development. Ron Poon, for the inspiration to aspire to great heights.