Krista Tuchscherer

Krista discovered her passion for the built environment at a young age, which enticed her to enter into the civil engineering undergraduate program at the University of Saskatchewan. Upon completion she worked with structural engineering firms in Saskatoon and Calgary. As an engineer Krista was left wanting to experience more of projects. This yearning to coordinate and understand not just one portion of a building, led her to the masters in architecture program at the University of Calgary from which she graduated in 2016. Studying and working in architecture has satisfied her aspiration to combine artistic creativity with science and technology.

Krista has been afforded the opportunity to work on many projects within Calgary and the surrounding region. Her experience to date is focused in the institutional, mixed-use and commercial sectors. She enjoys collaborating with others to create meaningful spaces in while learning from the teams she is a part of.
Thank you to my husband, Nyell, for being there through it all, to my family who has always provided unfailing support; especially my mother, Angela, for instilling in me from a young age that I can do anything I set my sights on. Thank you to my mentor Kerri, who’s support has gone above and beyond the internship requirements. I am forever grateful for her being a part of my journey. Finally, thank you to the many supervisors, clients, coworkers and friends I have met along the way. There are too many to list but they are no less important.