Maricris Ussher

Maricris grew up in a creative household and her passion for art started at an early age. She received her Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta and became interested in the built environment, and how buildings and spaces could have a positive impact on people’s lives. She completed the Master of Architecture program at the University of Calgary where she was able to take block week courses in California, the Netherlands and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Seeing and experiencing architecture and design, in person, continues to inspire her today.

Maricris works on commercial, institutional, and residential projects. She works from programming through to schematic design, design development, construction documents and the construction phase. Every project is unique and starts with a spark that leads to a design concept. Understanding the site and programming needs of the clients and users, allows the design to move forward and develop from ideas to the built form. She is most excited to see the drawings come to life during the construction phase. The final reward is seeing the clients and end users enjoying the building and spaces that were detailed for their needs.

Outside of architecture and design, Maricris has gained a love of tennis and enjoys skating, hiking, and traveling. She also enjoys going to concerts, live music, exploring new places, trying new food and of course, spending time with friends and her nieces and nephews.
Thank you to my parents, Loida and Jim, for your love and support. With hard work and perseverance, dreams do come true. To my siblings, Allen, Albert, Odhner and Sherry, thank you for your support and all the laughs. Thank you to Jonathan Rockliff and Jan Pierzchajlo (RPK Architects) for giving an enthusiastic design graduate a chance. Thank you to Hank Brzezinski (BRZ Partnership Architecture) for the opportunities to gain experience and develop as an architect. A big thank you to my mentor, Genevieve Giguere, for your continued guidance and insight throughout this journey.