Michael Svec

Being involved in my father’s business of Boat Building, Joinery and Cabinet Making from a young age, I was always around construction and construction sites, which ignited and fueled my curiosity about how things are designed and put together.

At the end of High School in 1991, I continued my passion for art and design at the University of Adelaide in South Australia in the undergraduate degree of Architectural Studies. At completion, I was then selected to proceed to the second and final degree of Architecture.

Graduating from the University of Adelaide in 1997, my career in Architecture took me to Melbourne, Australia, where I worked on custom luxury residential housing and attained my registration as an Architect with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria.

Pursuing romantic interests, I arrived in Canada in January of 2009, where I later earned a position at N53 Architecture and continued my career in the field of Architecture. With intentions of always moving back to Australia within a few years, I did not immediately pursue registration with the AAA. When my “romantic interests” turned into a happy family, it became clear that my life was now fixed in Canada, and I began the process of attaining registration as an Architect in Canada through the ‘Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect’ certification program. Having completed the BEFA program in 2018, I became a Registered Architect with the AAA and continue working with N53 Architecture on exciting commercial and institutional projects to further my career in Architecture.
THE RESORT HOME: Adobe 2012 House of the Year Awards - Best Designed Home

VILLAGGIO: HIA Victorian Housing 2006, Australian Stone Architectural Awards 2006

CATHEDRAL APARTMENTS: City of Stonnington Urban Design Awards 2002, API Excellence in Property Awards 2002, The John and Alison Kearney Heritage Property Award 2002
First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife Brenda and my boys for supporting me in this journey to registration and my career in Architecture. I would like to thank my former employers, Gary Catt and Andrew Hore of Catt Architects in Melbourne for taking a chance on me in those difficult times when employment opportunities were scarce. I would also like to thank my current employer Paul Anderson of N53 Architecture for doing the same, and letting me grow into a senior lead member of his team.