Ashkan Ataee

My name is Ashkan (pronounced Ashkon) and I am a newly Registered Architect. I was born in Edmonton and grew up in Leduc. My first introduction to architecture was my childhood home: an illegitimate union of sponge painted walls, exotic idiosyncrasies, and a scary basement. The house had an unusual tactility about it with its textures, textiles, and aromas. It was a space experienced through touch and smell and a manifestation to the multiple dimensions by which architecture could be created.

To complement this informal beginning, I formally began my architecture journey with the Architectural Technology program at NAIT. Soon after I received my Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba and completed my Master of Architecture at the University of Calgary. Upon graduating, I began my internship with AAA and completed it in October 2020. My understanding of architecture has deepened through the course of these many years and will surely continue to evolve in the years to come.

Outside of architecture I enjoy videography, travelling, drawing, hiking, satire, memes, and playing the piano. And of course, laughing, that’s the best one.
Artwork featured on CBC News and Radio
Studio work featured at the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen, China
Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship
Alberta Association of Architects - Cecil S. Burgess Scholarship
Louise Mckinney Post-Secondary Scholarship
I would like to thank: my Mom, Dad, and Armin for helping, keeping a roof over my head, and supporting me through all of this. My Daie Sohrab and cousin Milad. Dr. Redwan Moqbel for recommending me. Lisa for taking a chance on me more than once! Those who got me through internship: Grace, Joe, Rui, Ben, and Elizabeth. All these stars who helped in one way or another along the way: Nais, Morgan, Jill, Scott, Hillary, Jon, Samir, Kaitlyn, Sam, Mark, Justin, April, and Jess. And every helpful teacher and instructor.