Danielle Bouch

Born in Manitoba, but raised in Calgary, Danielle had the opportunity to travel at a young age to the metropolis of Hong Kong which left a lasting impression and a desire to shape the built environment. Her passion for art and design led her to study ceramics, sculpture and design at the Alberta University for the Arts where she obtained a degree in Fine Arts. An extended trip to Spain rekindled her love for architcture and she obtained a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Calgary.

Graduating at the start of the economic crisis made employment diffcult. Challenges came early on and persisted, but afforded her the chance to work with with many architects in a range of sectors such as civic, commercial, hospitality, and education. In 2018 Danielle joined Building Equality in Architecture Calgary (BEAC) as a board member. By advocating for gender equality BEAC can help a new generation of women become leaders. Danielle presently works at FRANK Architecture and enjoys working on a variety of commercial and hospitality projects.
Noel Heard, my now husband who was there with me from the start of this journey; Keir Stulhmiller, my mentor for 10 years and lifelong friend; Kristen Lien, Kate Allen, Kelly Morrison, who provide mentorship and opportunities for growth.