Elizabeth Daniels

Elizabeth is passionate about creating places for people that are warm, thoughtful, and which play an integral part in community well-being. Born and raised in Calgary, she received both her Bachelors of Fine Arts and her Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary. Upon her graduation, she was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Medal, an honour that recognizes a graduating architecture student for their community service and leadership. Elizabeth is deeply invested in her community and volunteers regularly, through which she advocates for and implements opportunities for design that create stronger, healthier, and more diverse communities. In her work, Expressing her passion in designing and actualizing equitable and beautiful spaces, Elizabeth prioritizes place-based design that is socially, culturally, and physically accessible for all. She knows that every project, no matter how small, is an opportunity to improve someone’s world.
Since her graduation, Elizabeth has received the Prix d’Excellence, Best New Idea: Creativity on a Shoestring for her work with University of Calgary’s Then and Now project with Professor David Monteyne, PhD. She has additionally worked on the Lethbridge Indigenous Cultural Centre, which was awarded 2020 Award for Outstanding Planning in the Commonwealth for Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement.
To my family; Andrew, my mother, my dad, my grandparents, and Suzy – thank you for your unending support. Thank you to Jane Ferrabee, for more than I can say, but especially for ensuring that I achieved this milestone. To Kevin, Veronique, Lindsay, Susan, Debbie, Petra, and others, for the incredible gifts you have given as employers, colleagues, and friends. Your care and attention has ensured that I embark on this next phase with the tools to succeed. To my friends; April, Mariah, Pyei, Ashkan, and others, thank you for being amazing friends and by my side for all these years.