Natalie Oram Whitney

I grew up in northern Utah and attended BYU Idaho and University of Idaho. I graduated in 2003 with my Masters of Architecture with additional studies in construction management. I spent the first years of my career working in Utah where I had the opportunity to work on several noteworthy projects. In 2010, our family made a big move to Calgary where we have been living and working ever since. After completing my internship requirements through NCARB and passing the ARE's I became eligible for licensing in the US in 2013. Unfortunately, changes to the reciprocity agreement between the US and Canada meant that I was no longer eligible for registration in Canada through reciprocity. To become a registered architect in Alberta meant that I would have to complete the Internship in Architecture Program. To say that I was discouraged at this news is an understatement! The years following that, were full of personal struggles. To name a few, my oldest child was diagnosed with dyslexia and my 3rd child was born during this time with some health challenges. My journey to registration has been hard and it's taken much longer than expected but I feel that it's important to share. I hope it offers encouragement to other women and immigrants to continue in their pursuit of becoming.
Favorite/noteworthy project: Frederick A. Sutton Geology and Geophysics Building, University of Utah Campus. Project awards include: LEED Gold Certified, AGC of Utah 2008 Building Project of the Year - Higher Education $0-25M, AIA Utah & The Tribune 2010 People's Choice Awards, ACI Intermountain Chapter 2009 Excellence in Concrete Construction.
My parents Brent and Ruth Oram who were my first supports when I declared at 10 years old that I was going to become an architect! I would also like to recognize my husband, Dylan Whitney who has been supporting me in this since we met in University 21 years ago along my 3 children, Elsie, Konnor and Mae who survived the architectural registration exams with me. Lastly I'd like to recognize my friends and mentors Arrin and Connie Holt who have been there to offer advice and encouragement over the past 15 years.