Submit a Complaint

Any person may lodge a complaint against an AAA member if they believe that the member has engaged in unprofessional conduct and/or the unskilled practice of architecture or interior design. 

When the AAA receives a written complaint, AAA staff will contact the complainant to confirm the validity of the documents and information provided. Please ensure you include a valid phone number and email address upon submission. The AAA will disclose your name and complaint materials to the member.

A copy of the complaint and the supporting materials are sent to the member for their review and response. Upon receipt of the complaint, the member is entitled to submit a written response and provide additional documentation. 

Complaints are submitted in writing to the Registrar, and should contain a detailed description and as much documentation as possible in support of the complaint. If you wish to submit a complaint or have questions about the legislated complaint and administration process, please contact [email protected].