Fees and Dues Schedule

Registration Fees and Dues

All fees & dues are prescribed by the Council annually. The registration fee is an administrative fee that must accompany each application request. Annual dues are payable upon registration and on or before December 15th in each year for the following calendar year. If dues are not paid by December 15th, a penalty will be added to the balance owing.

All fees and dues are subject to 5% GST.  The Alberta Association of Architects GST Registration Number is 10669 2601 RT0001.


Pro-Rated Dues for Individual Entities*
Annual dues payable for individuals registering as a Registered Architect, Licensed Interior Designer, Visiting Project Architect, or a Visiting Project Interior Designer on or after JULY 1 in any year will be half of the annual fee until DECEMBER 31.
NOTE: This discount does not apply to any other category of membership.
Member Type Registration Fee
(Net of GST)
Annual Dues
(Net of GST)
Student Member (Alberta) NIL $NIL
Student Member (Out of Province) $30.00 $58.00
Syllabus Student Member $60.00 $63.00
Intern Architect $60.00 $142.00
Intern Architect 5 NIL $1,024.00
Intern Architect 7 NIL $1,024.00
Intern Interior Designer $60.00 $142.00
Intern Interior Designer 5 NIL $1,024.00
Intern Interior Designer 7 NIL $1,024.00
Registered Architect $355.00 $1,028.00 (*$514.00)
Licensed Interior Designer $355.00 $1,024.00 (*$512.00)
Associate Member $150.00 $268.00
Retired Member NIL $58.00
Firm $280.00 $446.00
Firm Branch Office $280.00 $267.24
Architect Corporation $380.00 $446.00
Architect Corporation Branch Office $380.00 $267.24
Interior Design Corporation $380.00 $446.00
Interior Design Corporation Branch Office $380.00 $267.24
Non-Practising Corporation $380.00 $200.00
Architect & Engineering Firm/Corporation $505.00 $446.00
Architect & Engineering Firm/Corporation Branch Office $380.00 $267.24

Payment Information 

The AAA accepts payment of Canadian funds through the following options:  

Please make cheques payable to The Alberta Association of Architects. Include your invoice# and ID# in the memo of the cheque. Cheques can be mailed to:

The Alberta Association of Architects
10515 Saskatchewan Drive, NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 4S1


Interac e-Transfer 

Payment can be made via your banking institution using Interac. Send funds to [email protected]. Please include your invoice# and ID# in the memo section. The AAA is set up for auto deposit.

Please note: There may be charges incurred with your banking institution to use Interac.

Visa and MasterCard 

Credit card information can be provided by phone. Please contact (780)-432-0224.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Firms paying by EFT can request banking information by emailing [email protected]. Detailed remittance information must be provided within 3 business days of payment.