Practice Advisories

Practice Advisories are issued by the AAA as a means of communicating vital information to our membership that can help to alleviate potential risks to the public interest and our professions. These advisories are not intended to be and are not legal advice to the members of the AAA. Members are encouraged to consult their own legal counsel or insurer as to the content of these advisories.

Use of Electronic Devices in Lieu of In-Person Reviews on Construction Sites

Last Modified: 04/22/2020

This Practice Advisory addresses inquiries about using portable devices during site inspections on architectural and licensed interior design projects driven by concerns over site health and safety related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Document Type: PDF (225 KB)

Succession Planning

Last Modified: 08/31/2020

This Practice Advisory focuses on the forced dissolution (rather than the sale) of a practice. This type of dissolution can be triggered by sudden death, permanent illness or disability, divorce, dispute, personal choice or bankruptcy.

Document Type: PDF (228 KB)

Banff Session 2018 Presentation: What's New, What's Not

Last Modified: 06/03/2019

The Practice Advisory Committee, consisting of Barry Johns, Architect, AAA, Director of Practice, Randy Krebes, Architect, AAA, Len Rodrigues, Architect, AAA, gave this presentation at Banff Session 2020.

Document Type: PDF (498 KB)

Right to Title

Last Modified: 08/07/2018

This Practice Advisory explains the context around the confirmed authority of the AAA to protect the title of "architect" and by extension, the permitted use of title "architect", "licensed interior designer" and derivatives.

Document Type: PDF (201 KB)

General Contract Review - Risk Management in Professional Practice

Last Modified: 10/03/2018

The purpose of this Practice Advisory is to address problematic contracts prepared by public sector and large organization private sector clients and assist members in mitigating any risks to the public interest that are associated with these contracts.

Document Type: PDF (285 KB)

Illegal Practice of Architecture and Development Permit Applications

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

In 2016, AAA Director of Practice Barry Johns wrote an Important Notice to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction to appeal to municipalities across Alberta for assistance in proactively addressing the issue of unauthorized practice by non-professionals.

Document Type: PDF (111 KB)

Procurement Methods Requiring Design

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

2017 - 2018 AAA President Elizabeth Songer released a document addressing requests for proposals requiring design before selection or award of contract.

Document Type: PDF (273 KB)