Practice Bulletins

Practice Bulletins are issued by the AAA as general interpretations of the requirements in the Architects Act, General Regulation, and By-laws. Bulletins should be read in conjunction with the ActRegulations and By-laws and in no way supersede these documents. Bulletins are not intended to be and are not legal advice to the Members of the Association. Members should consult their own legal counsel, and/or income tax or financial advisors as to the application of the Architects Act and Regulation in specific circumstances.

PB-02 | Partnership: A Business Marriage

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin provides an introductory review of partnerships and summarizes the provisions of the Partnership Act of Alberta, which applies to all partnerships unless agreed otherwise.

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PB-04 | Intern Architects

Last Modified: 11/02/2020

Practice Bulletin-04 provides information on the training, limitations and requirements of the Intern Architect membership category.

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PB-05 | Limitations Act

Last Modified: 08/31/2020

This Practice Bulletin explores the Alberta Limitations Act and its effects on members of our professions.

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PB-06 | Succession

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin addresses questions that frequently arise when a client changes an Architect or Licensed Interior Designer on the same project through the course of services.

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PB-07A | Maintaining Profitability - Hourly Rate

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This is is first in a series of Practice Bulletins that will address the issue of maintaining profitability in a firm. This Practice Bulletin explores hourly rate and provides tips that are useful when preparing client/professional agreements.

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PB-07B | Maintaining Profitability - Understanding Overhead

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin looks at the importance of understanding overhead and offers tips to help practices maintain fiscal control.

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PB-07C | Maintaining Profitability - Management Control

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin explores actual expenditures of overhead and the management control necessary to keep it at an acceptable level.

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PB-13 | Substantial Performance

Last Modified: 12/15/2022

PB-13 reviews the importance of "Substantial Performance" within a construction contract and how to fully understand its significance.

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PB-14 | WCB Coverage and You

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

There is varied understanding on the issue of architects and licensed interior designers and their involvement with WCB in Alberta. This Practice Bulletin reviews the workers' compensation program and how it impacts our professions.

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PB-15 | Documents Authentication

Last Modified: 11/10/2021

This Practice Bulletin provides advice regarding the standard of care in the use and application of the professional seal.

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Guide to Notarius and Its Use - A Companion Document to PB-15

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This guide provides background to Notarius, software that allows members to securely sign PDF documents in a secure manner, and is a companion to PB-15.

Document Type: PDF (355 KB)

PB-16 | Request for Proposals - A Critical Tool in the Selection Process

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is becoming the standard on most projects involving public funds to ensure that the public interest is protected. PB-16 reviews the types of RFP's and offers guidance on responding to RFP's.

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PB-17 | Copyright and Intellectual Property

Last Modified: 06/05/2019

This Practice Bulletin provides advice and guidelines that AAA members can present to clients regarding copyright protection and management, distribution and sharing of electronic documents.

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PB-18 | Management of Practice: Unauthorized Practice

Last Modified: 06/05/2019

The purpose of this Practice Bulletin is to advise members of their rights, duties and roles within a self-governing profession.

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PB-24 | C1 and C2 Schedules

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin advises member of their rights and duties related to an appropriate code of conduct with respect to the issuance or with-holding of Schedules C1 and C2, under circumstances where the architect is at issue with either the client of the contractor.

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PB-26 | Professional Involvement on Building Projects

Last Modified: 06/06/2022

This Practice Bulletin highlights variations in the applicable Alberta legislation used to determine if the participation of an architect or licensed interior designer is required for a project.

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PB-27 | Providing Design Services During Project Procurement

Last Modified: 10/04/2018

This Practice Bulletin addresses in more detail, procurement processes for architectural or licensed interior design services that require design work to be provided as part of the ranking criteria for consultant selection.

Document Type: PDF (157 KB)

PB-28 | As-Built and Record Drawings - They Are Not the Same Thing

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin provides information and best practice recommendations with regard to the difference between "Record", "As Built", "Measured" or "As Found" drawings on a project.

Document Type: PDF (797 KB)

PB-29 | Attribution: Credit for Architectural Services

Last Modified: 08/13/2018

This Practice Bulletin provides guidance to help members ensure that attribution for architectural services is accurate.

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PB-30 | RFP Responses from Out-of-Province Professionals

Last Modified: 04/02/2019

This practice bulletin addresses inquiries from professionals outside of Alberta who wish to pursue work in the province in response to an RFP.

Document Type: PDF (167 KB)

PB-31 | Release of Electronic Documents

Last Modified: 04/02/2019

This practice bulletin addresses recommended practice regarding the release of documents and restricting liability associated with the release of full sets of complete project documents to third parties.

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PB-32 | Fees and the AAA

Last Modified: 07/03/2020

This practice bulletin is intended to clarify the role of the AAA in respect to its authority to regulate fee arrangements and to emphasize the professional and ethical obligations of authorized entities.

Document Type: PDF (161 KB)

PB-34 | Prompt Payment & Construction Lien Act

Last Modified: 12/15/2022

This Practice Bulletin addresses the transition of the Builders’ Lien Act to the Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act, as it will affect the construction industry and the role of the architect.

Document Type: PDF (339 KB)