The contents below represent the most commonly asked questions received by the Director of Practice and the Practice Advisory Committee. 

The information provided in response to these questions is a briefly summarized version of the information addressed, in detail, in the AAA Practice Advisories and Practice Bulletins.
Assignment of Copyright and Moral Rights
A client wants copyright and moral rights to my work on a new project. Can they do this?  

Copyright and moral rights are vested under federal statute and that right cannot by default be taken by others. However, it is within your right to assign copyright under contract between a client and/or another party if necessary or desired. Thus far, no suitable reasons have ever been provided to this association that justify relinquishing an authorized entity’s copyright or moral rights. An alternative consideration may be a license agreement that provides unfettered use of copyrighted material to a client for specific purposes without relinquishing copyright and moral rights, per se. This licensing arrangement (including a generic agreement template) is explained in detail in the RAIC Canadian Handbook of Practice (CHOP). AAA recommends the use of this alternative measure, when necessary, to protect both the public interest and the inherent rights of an authorized entity.

Refer to Practice Bulletin PB-17 Copyright and Intellectual Property and Practice Advisory General Contract Review – Risk Management in Professional Practice for more detailed information.
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