Practice FAQs

The contents below represent the most commonly asked questions received by the Director of Practice and the Practice Advisory Committee. 

The information provided in response to these questions is a briefly summarized version of the information addressed, in detail, in the AAA Practice Advisories and Practice Bulletins (PB).
Where can I find detailed practice related information and resources?
The AAA website was rebuilt and updated in 2018. Important resources are readily available at The Architects Act, General Regulation, Bylaws and Code of Ethics can be found on the 'Our Ethics and Legislation' page.

All regularly updated Practice FAQ’s, Practice Advisories, Practice Bulletins and a variety of other documents can also be found on our website, including the Alberta Building Code Schedules A, B and C, the LID Document 10 Agreement and the CAA Fee Schedule. All of these documents can be downloaded, printed and kept for reference.

In addition, the RAIC Canadian Handbook of Practice (CHOP) is an excellent general resource for practitioners and a new updated version became available via free download to members in 2020. RAIC contract documents and guides for their use are available on the RAIC website.

Many general practice topics, particularly about loss control and insurance are available directly from your insurer who is always available to address questions about coverage and where to find loss control advice, bulletins and online courses. Finally, using your legal counsel as a resource to assist in reviewing documents and contracts is always recommended good practice.
Assignment of Copyright and Moral Rights
Copyright - Unauthorized Use of Documents
Design-Build RFPs
Disputes and Duty of Care
Licensed Interior Designer Scope of Work
Preparing a Design for an RFP Response or Interview
Preparing As-Builts
Prime Consultants
Right to Title
Sole Proprietorship
Statute of Limitations
Unauthorized Practice Reporting
Use of Seal
Withholding Schedule C's
Work Without a Contract