This Professional Practice Resources directory serves as a summary of the professional practice resources upon which the competency, conduct and acceptable practices of architecture and licensed interior design members and entities of the AAA can be assessed.

This list of resources is intended to help guide the practices of AAA authorized entities and to inform the assessments and rulings of the AAA Complaints Review Committee and Practice Review Board.

This directory is organized by those resources that are enforceable through legislation and others that are recognized as either good practice or are common information references.

This directory may be expanded, revised and updated over time to reflect ongoing changes in what the Practice Review Board and AAA Council deems relevant to the topic of professional practice.

For categories 1 and 2, changes require Council approval.
Regulated Professional Practice Resources include:
  • Professional practice resources as regulated by Provincial legislation – Architects Act, Architects Act General Regulation, Code of Ethics and AAA Bylaws.
  • Practice Bulletins and Advisories and monthly Bulletin communications contain a combination of mandatory and suggested standards professional conduct that are enabled by the Architects Act and therefore recognized as regulated practices.

Legislation Administered by the AAA


Legislation Administered by Other Government Ministries and Agencies - Directly Practice Related


Legislation Administered by Other Government Ministries and Agencies - Indirectly Practice-Related

Good practices are representative of the duty of care as established by the responsible actions of a peer community. The duty of care is a measurement of the actions that should be undertaken by a professional practitioner as compared to those that would be most often be undertaken by other peer professionals under similar circumstances. While an assessment about whether the conduct of a professional practitioner constitutes good practice may only be determined through statutory committees and proceedings, these good practice resources are endorsed by the AAA as being a reasonable resource listing by which the practices of AAA authorized entities may be assessed.