Distance Learning

There are a number of online course providers with professional development offerings geared to architects and interior designers - some of which are free of charge to the user.
PD-Distance Learning
AEC Daily is one of the largest online providers of free continuing education courses to the architectural, interior design, construction and engineering community.

PD-Distance Learning
The AIA has an extensive selection of continuing education courses - both on-demand and live webinars. 

PD-Distance Learning
America Training Solutions offers a variety of free online courses targeted at the design community. 

The Architectural Record magazine - part of BNP Media - has an extensive online library of free educational articles, webinars and multimedia courses posted each month on design-related topics.

PD-Course, PD-Distance Learning October 07, 2021
BC Wood Specialties Group is offering a live webinar: Fire Retardant Wood Products and Applications. 

PD-Course, PD-Distance Learning October 14, 2021
BC Wood Specialties Group is offering a live webinar: Ventilated Doors - Next Generation: Maximizing Indoor Environmental Quality Between Enclosed Spaces

PD-Distance Learning
The RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University offers two courses through the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Architecture Program. 

PD-Course, PD-Distance Learning October 27, 2021
BC Wood Specialties Group is offering a webinar: Lodges, Cabins & Off-Grid Retreats: Designing and building with pre-fabricated Western Red Cedar interlocking systems.

PD-Course, PD-Distance Learning October 21, 2021
BC Wood Specialties Group is presenting a webinar: Architectural Wall Panels - From the West Coast Forest Floor to Project Site.

PD-Distance Learning
The Building Code Tutor is an online educational program developed by Muniak Enterprises Inc.