PD Policies

Detailed documentation on the policies guiding the AAA PD Program.

PD Primary Jurisdiction Policy

Last Modified: 05/27/2020

The Primary Jurisdiction Policy is intended to streamline the reporting for out-of-province members. The primary jurisdiction for Canadian members is defined as the member’s principal place of practice and residence in Canada...

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PD New Member Policy

Last Modified: 07/12/2022

Newly registered architects and licensed interior designers should consult the points and table below to determine their professional development requirements...

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PD Intern Policy

Last Modified: 08/05/2022

Effective January 1, 2016, the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) Intern Professional Development Program applies to all Intern Architects and Intern Interior Designers who have completed seven (7) years in the applicable Internship Program...

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PD Non-Compliance Policy

Last Modified: 01/14/2021

Members are required to complete and report their professional development requirements by the June 30th reporting deadline of the two-year reporting period. Further, new members are required to complete the AAA mandatory courses by the corresponding deadline...

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PD Audit Policy

Last Modified: 05/27/2020

AAA members are responsible for self-reporting their learning activities via our online professional development (PD) reporting system. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the learning activities being reported are in keeping with the guidelines of the PD program...

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