PD Program FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the AAA Professional Development (PD) program.
How do I access my AAA Transcript?
What if my principal practice/residence is outside Alberta?
What are the PD requirements for the current reporting period?
What learning activities can be reported as Structured learning?
What learning activities can be reported as Unstructured learning?
What are acceptable forms of proof of participation?
Do I need to report all learning activities? What about AAA events? What about AAA Registered Course Provider events where I have signed AAA attendance forms?
Can I report learning activities that took place outside the current reporting period?
How many learning hours can I carry-over into the next reporting period?
How do I know when I have completed my PD requirements?
Does the AAA have mandatory PD courses?
What happens if I do not complete my PD requirements by the reporting deadline?
Do I need to retain the supporting documentation for my learning activities?
Is an audit done of PD reporting?
What if Alberta is my primary jurisdiction and I am registered in other provincial jurisdictions? Do I need to report my PD to those jurisdictions?
Still have questions? Please contact the Professional Development Officer at [email protected].