Does Your Project Need A Professional

The Alberta Architects Act stipulates that a professional (Registered Architect or a Licensed Interior Designer) is required for the following:
  • Any residential building occupancy consisting of five dwelling units or more.
    • Note that a single family dwelling, duplex, triplex or quadriplex of any size does not require a Registered Architect (RA) or Licensed Interior Designer (LID).

  • Buildings or interior work to buildings for public assembly.
    • Such as churches or community halls, schools, all institutional uses, warehouses and industrial uses, business and personal services, mercantile and other residential occupancies such as motels and hotels that exceed allowable area exemptions (300 – 500 square meters).

  • Renovations to buildings or building interiors that originally required an RA or LID.

If in doubt, please reference Your Best Build, a guide for building and renovation projects, or contact the AAA at 780-432-0224.

Your Best Build

Last Modified: 11/21/2023

This guide is intended to assist “clients”— end users, developers and the public — in the process of planning, managing and implementing new builds and renovation projects. This resource explains the role of a professional and how they work to lead building projects while maintaining public safety.

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For more information including acceptable area exemptions, please refer to our Practice Bulletin 26 - Professional Involvement on Building Projects or learn more about the work that must be performed by Licensed Interior Designers.

'Licensed Interior Designer', 'Interior Designer' or 'Interior Decorator'. What is the difference?

While many people use the terms 'interior designer' and 'interior decorator' interchangeably across Canada, these disciplines differ significantly from Licensed Interior Design in Alberta. It is important for the public to understand the difference, to ensure you hire a qualified and/or required designer for your project. Please visit our Licensed Interior Designer: The Professional Difference page to learn more.