Supervisor and Mentor Roles

Having guidance, encouragement and support from supervisors and mentors is a vital part of the internship process. 

Role of the Supervisor (Employer)

A supervisor is the individual within the IA’s firm, organization or practice who personally supervises and directs the Intern on a daily basis. 

The Supervisor is expected to:
  • Offer the IA the full range of responsibilities and opportunities to fulfill IAP requirements.
  • Review and evaluate the IA's experience and performance.
  • Provide detailed comments and recommendations of the IA's Experience Summary Form.

Role of the Mentor

It is mandatory for Interns to have a Mentor throughout the IAP. Interns should choose a Mentor who is willing to commit to a long-term involvement in their professional growth. Mentors must be Registered Architects or Retired Members, but cannot be employed at the same firm as the IA.

The Intern may select a Mentor by:
  • asking a personal acquaintance or
  • asking an employer, previous employer or fellow interns for recommendations.