Intern Architect Program Resources

  • The Internship Time Limit Policy (REG-18-002) advises intern members of the AAA of a policy to be put into effect in 2021 that will affect the period of time Intern Architects and Intern Interior Designers are provided to gain the practical experience required to complete the applicable internship program and meet national examination requirements.

  • The Intern Annual Dues & Professional Development Policy Registration Bulletin (RB03-2013) advises members of the AAA of a policy put into effect in 2016 affecting the dues and PD program participation of both Intern Architects and Intern Interior Designers.
  • A Temporary Leave of Absence Policy provides information for RA, LID, IA and IID members in good standing (having no outstanding fees/dues or PD requirements) who demonstrate a need for leave.
  • The Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC) was developed to test the minimum standards of competency acquired by an Intern during the internship period, to ensure both public safety and the professional and skilled delivery of architectural services.
  • The National Council of Architectural Certification Board (NCARB) Architectural Registration Examination tests candidates for their knowledge, skills and ability to provide the various services required in the design and construction of buildings.
  • The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) assesses the educational qualifications of architectural graduates; accredits professional degree programs at Canadian universities and abroad; and certifies the professional qualifications of Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects (BEFA).

    The National Standing Committee on the CACB recently presented updates to the Conditions for Licensure of Architects in Canada to the Regulatory Organization of Architecture (ROAC). These updates that were approved by ROAC and endorsed by the AAA Council. These documents highlight the standards and definitions of competency, forms of comprehension, the roadmap to licensure and the various pathways to licensure and the related components.

    Also included is the Canadian Education Standard for Architects, a document that lays out the details and academic requirements for the Canadian educational standard for architects. AAA encourages members to review these documents.
  • To help Interns navigate the IAP, the AAA hosted a virtual Intern Info Session and answered some commonly asked questions.