Intern Information Webinar

It’s not easy being an intern architect or an intern interior designer. The pathway to full accreditation is necessarily difficult. There is also much to be learned about what it takes to become a professional. We’ve partnered with PowerED™ by Athabasca University to make sure this valuable intern information is as accessible as possible to all.

From the comfort of your office or home, you will learn more about:
  • The pathway to accreditation
  • Important new updates interns need to know
  • The benefits of AAA membership
  • Examination of Architects in Canada (ExAC) information
  • Mentor responsibilities (and mentor benefits)
Our four presenters offer a wealth of experience and insight on the AAA's Internship in Architecture Program and Intern Interior Design Program (from left to right):
  • Henry Howard, AAA, LEED AP – Chair of AAA’s Registration Committee & Architect, Burgess Bredo Architect Ltd.
  • Cody Johnston, Intern Architect – Intern Architect, Rockliff | Pierzchajlo | Kroman
  • Kaisha Ferguson, Intern Interior Designer – Intern Interior Designer, Gensler
  • Jan Kroman, Principal - Architect AAA, MRAIC, MArch, BSc – Architect and Principal, Rockliff | Pierzchajlo | Kroman

Intern Info Webinar

The above presentation is also available as a set of slides that can be dowloaded here.

Post-Event Q & A

Below we answer some of the questions received following the Intern Information Webinar. Please email [email protected] with additional questions. 
Can you recommend building permit courses?
There are many online available. Some include:
Are there any bridging course available which could help me to understand more about technical stuff, building envelope, co-assemblies etc.?
Is five the maximum number of projects that IIDs can log at one time? Or can we add projects to the spreadsheet?
Any advice for the written portion of the logbook?
I want to ask about international experience gained abroad (outside Canada) and the deadline to submit this experience?
Is there a six-month time period for the first-time logbook submission?
Is there a good place to find example questions for the ExAC exams?
Can I work for two different firms at the same time?
I was just noticing on page 4 that there is only room for 10 projects even though we are allowed 15 projects for submission - am I reading this wrong?
I'm having trouble finding a mentor, is there any advice you can give for how to find one?
If you register as an intern architect and are unable to find a job for a while, does your 5-year count begin immediately after registration or when you find a job?
What is the limit of projects that an Intern Interior Designer can log per reporting period? The current logbook only has space for five projects. Are we able to add more?
Are you able submit hours worked under an architect/interior designer before your intern approval is finalized?
In the intern interior designer logbook template, there is a row labeled "summary of reviewed experience" with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Does this refer to 1-5 weeks or 1-5 days?
Can we work outside of Alberta in a different province?
As an Intern Interior Designer nearing the completion of my internship, I have questions about what the advantages and disadvantages of becoming licensed. Does the Code of Ethics section on conflict of interest prevent a Licensed Interior Designer from having a business that involves selling product that may be marked up?
Are the logbook submission deadline requirements the same for IIDs as outlined for the IAs? (fines + forfeiting hours)
I have recently moved to BC and am over 7 years of intern years. I was deferred in my interview but wish to finish my registration in Alberta. I have finished my hours. do I need to continue logging hours?
For the IID logbook do we have to submit every 6 months like the Intern Architect? Or can we just submit every 1,000 hours?
What is the number of years allowed for leave of absence?