Due to the current environment, all intern interviews have been postponed until further notice. We urge all interns to continue logging their hours if possible.

Internship in Architecture Program

The Intern Architect Program (IAP) is a comprehensive program administered by the AAA and intended to instill the integrity, judgment, and skills necessary for a successful career as a Registered Architect (RA).
To become an Intern Architect (IA), an individual must:

Upon successfully registering as an IA, individuals will receive a hard copy IAP Manual. The IAP Manual is a national document that outlines and explains the stadards of the Internship in Architecture Program. PDF version of the Manual are also available in Arabic, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Persian and Tagalog.

Provincial-specific requirements to the IAP are found in Appendix B of the IAP Manual. These requirements include program specifics such as timelines for the recording and submission of logbooks, and currencty of knowledge. Changes to Appendix be were put in place as of April 2, 2019, but IAs have until Oct. 2, 2019 (i.e. six months) for full compliance.

To successfully complete the IAP, Interns must achieve:
  • 3,720 hours (minimum two calendar years*) of approved work experience logged under the direct supervision of their supervisor (employer) and mentor**,
  • The successful completion of the ExAC or NCARB examination,
  • A successful interview with the AAA Registration Committee, and
  • Succesful completion of the Architects Act course as part of licensure requirements.
The Road Map to Registration provides a visual representation of the above steps and anticipated timelines required to become a Registered Architect with the AAA. 

If you have any questions about the IAP, the IAP Manual or application requirements, please contact intern@aaa.ab.ca.
* IAs are responsible for arranging their own supervisor and mentor relationship. 

**All IAs who have not completed the IAP after five years will be reclassified as IA5s and assessed annual dues for the same amount as registered/licensed members for the current year and every year thereafter. 
All IA5s who have not completed the IAP after seven years from commencement will be reclassified as IA7s and required to participate in the AAA’s Professional Development Program.