Supervisor and Mentor Roles

Having guidance, encouragement and support from supervisors and mentors is a vital part of a successful Interior Design Internship. 

Role of the Supervisor (Employer)

A supervisor is the individual within the IID’s firm, organization or practice who personally supervises and directs the Intern on a daily basis. 

The Supervisor is expected to:
  • Offer the IID the full range of responsibilities and opportunities to fulfill IIDP requirements.
  • Review and evaluate the IID's experience and performance.
  • Provide detailed comments and recommendations of the IID's Experience Summary Form.

Role of the Mentor

It is mandatory for Interns to have a Mentor throughout the IIDP. Interns should choose a Mentor who is willing to commit to a long-term involvement in their professional growth. IID Mentors must be either Licensed Interior Designers or Registered Architects.

The Mentor is expected to:
  • Meet regularly with the IID to discuss experiences and offer constructive criticism.
  • Review the IID’s experience, recognize deficiencies and recommend changes.
  • Provide advice on requirements of practice, continuing education and professional conduct and ethics.
While IID's should determine the nature of their relationship with their Mentors, Mentors should be prepared to provide counsel through all stages of the IIDP. 

An Intern may select a Mentor by:
  • asking a personal acquaintance or
  • asking an employer, previous employer, or fellow Interns for recommendations.