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Intern Interior Designer Program

The Intern Interior Designer Program (IIDP) is a comprehensive internship program intended to instill the integrity, judgment, and skills necessary for a successful career as a Licensed Interior Designer (LID). This is a unique designation in Alberta with protected scope and title under the Architects Act.

To become an Intern Interior Designer (IID), an individual must have:
In an ongoing effort to align the requirements of the IIDP more closely with the Internship in Architecture Program, a new Detailed IID Supplementary Guidelines was created. IIDs should thoroughly review these new guidelines that provide information about policies on five and seven years, Internship Time Limit Policy, mentor and supervisor provisions, and all requirements regarding logging of hours.

Please note that IIDs who began logging hours as of January 1, 2022, or who have not yet started logging hours, will be required to report 3720 hours to complete the IIDP.

Also, we have refreshed the Logbook so that IIDs may log hours in up to a maximum of 15 projects in only one logbook. In the past, those logging hours in more than five projects had to use multiple logbooks. IIDs are being asked to use this refreshed logbook going forward.
To successfully navigate the IIDP as of January 1, 2022, Interns must achieve:
  • 3,720 hours of approved work experience recorded in the IIDP Logbook and endorsed by the IID’s supervisor (employer) and mentor,
  • Certification from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) via successful completion of the National CIDQ exams (NCIDQ) (Visit the NCIDQ website for details on how to register for the exams. Applicants who have successfully completed the NCIDQ exam, must include the NCIDQ Certificate with their application for membership as a LID.),
  • Completion of a mandatory Alberta Building Code course completed within two years of the interview and the Architects Act, General Regulation and Bylaws course,
  • Registration in the IIDP for a minimum of 3 years, and
  • Successful oral interview with the AAA Registration Committee.

Interns should thoroughly review the Detailed Supplementary Guidelines.

The Road Map to Registration provides a visual representation of the above steps and anticipated timelines required to become a Licensed Interior Designer with the AAA.

If you have any questions about the IIDP or application requirements, please contact:

IIDs are responsible for arranging their own supervisor and mentor relationship. One of either the mentor or supervisors must be an LID

All IIDs who have:
  1. Not completed the IIDP after five years will be reclassified as IID5s and assessed annual dues for the same amount as registered/licensed members for the current year and every year thereafter.
  2. Not completed the IIDP after seven years from commencement will be reclassified as IID7s and required to pay full fees and participate in the AAA’s Professional Development Program.
  3. All Intern Interior Designers must complete their internship within 10 years.
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Find out the requirements to becoming a Licensed Interior Designer (LID) through the Intern Interior Designer Pathway.

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