Intern Interior Design Program Resources

  • The Internship Time Limit Policy (REG-18-002) advises intern members of the AAA of a policy to be put into effect in 2021 that will affect the period of time Intern Architects and Intern Interior Designers are provided to gain the practical experience required to complete the applicable internship program and meet national examination requirements.

  • The Intern Annual Dues & Professional Development Policy Registration Bulletin (RB03-2013) advises members of the AAA of a policy put into effect in 2016 affecting the dues and PD program participation of both Intern Architects and Intern Interior Designers.

  • A Temporary Leave of Absence Policy provides information for RA, LID, IA and IID members in good standing (having no outstanding fees/dues or PD requirements) who demonstrate a need for leave.

  • To help Interns navigate the IID Program, the AAA hosted a virtual Intern Info Session and answered some commonly asked questions.

  • Mandatory Minimum Requirements:
    Summary of Reviewed Experience
    Minimum Hours Required
    A. Programing 570
    Client Requirements 200
    Research and analysis 100
    Space & Conditions Analysis and Site Measure 185
    Client/User Interviews 45
    Building Code/Occupancy Requirements 40
    B. Planning/Schematic Design 445
    Space Relationships 90
    Space Planning 200
    Life, Safety and Building Code Requirements 45
    Meetings with Authorities Having Jurisdiction 15
    Client Meetings 50
    Furniture/Fixture/Equipment Preliminary Layouts 45
    C. Design Development 655
    Design Concept 85
    Color Concept 30
    Material and Finish Selection 85
    Detailing-Elevations/Selections 80
    Reflected Ceiling Plan 65
    Light Concept Plan 65
    Budget Pricing 70
    Furniture & Textile Selections 60
    Life, Safety and Building Code Requirements 25
    Presentations 50
    Furniture Ordering 40
    D. Contract Documents 1240
    Working Drawings - Interior Construction 500
    Working Drawings - Detail Drawings - Elevations/Selections 300
    Specific Writing 140
    Professional Consultant Coordination 60
    Bidding and Contract Documentation 100
    Tendering/Pricing 60
    Addenda Preparation 30
    Bidding Analysis and Award 50
    E. Contract Administration 325
    Contractor Coordination 50
    Check Shop Drawings 30
    Job Site Reivew & Reporting 35
    Site Meetings 35
    Preparing/Issuing Site Instructions 30
    Preparing/Issuing Change Notices 30
    Obtaining Change Order 30
    Preparation of Certificates for Payment 20
    Preparation of Deficiency Lists 30
    Furniture Coordination 20
    Close out Procedures 15
    F. Professional Practice 285
    Office Procedures & Technologies 100
    Resource Library 70
    Contact with Trade Representatives 65
    Participation in the Preparation of Contractual Agreements 50
    Total 3,520
    G. Additional Experience (optional)  
    Professional Exposure & Liability  
    Accounting & Methods of Compensation  
    Professional Activities & Community Service