Experienced Interior Designer Pathway

The Experienced Interior Designer Pathway (EIDP) is a new pathway specifically designed to accommodate experienced interior designers who are interested in becoming Licensed Interior Designers under the Alberta Architects Act. We launched the pathway to serve the needs of many of Alberta’s interior designers who meet the current requirements and who can illustrate their competency, but who have not previously logged their hours with AAA. 

This pathway is not suitable for those who are pursuing the traditional internship route. If you are working to complete your logbook, you must continue on the Intern Interior Designer Pathway (IIDP). 

Interior designers who meet experience and certification requirements may qualify for licensure through the EIDP, which is a temporary pathway and expected to close in 2024.

No matter your path to licensure, we are here to help guide you through the process. If you want more information on the EIDP, please email [email protected]
Prerequisites for Becoming a Licensed Interior Designer, AAA via the EIDP
  1. Possess a Professional Degree from a Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) program or be enrolled with an expected completion date of June 30, 2024.

  2. Hold certification from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).

  3. Possess a minimum of 18,500 hours (approximately 10 years of full-time industry experience).
    • You have at least 18,500 hours of practice experience in interior design with 940 of those hours being completed within the last two years and in the province of Alberta.

  4. Have been directly supervised by a Licensed Interior Designer or Registered Architect.
    • You need to have completed 5,500 hours (three years) of full-time employment or three years under the direct supervision of a Registered Architect (RA) or a Licensed Interior Designer (LID).

  5. Apply to the AAA through the EIDP.
    • The application package includes the application form, self-assessment and project sheets. These will be reviewed by the Assessment Task Force.

  6. Approval by the Assessment Task Force.
    • If all documents are in order and the assessment is successful, you will be notified to schedule an oral review.
    • If the assessment is unsuccessful, you will be contacted with feedback on areas for improvement.
    • Candidates must complete the Architects Act, General Regulation & Bylaws Course.

  7. Complete an Oral Review.
    • The review will include two panelists who will ask questions on a wide variety of relevant subjects to validate your competency to practice as a LID in Alberta. Candidates will receive information in advance to assist in their preparations.
    • Candidates who are unsuccessful in the oral review will receive feedback to assist them in preparing for a follow-up oral review.

  8. Approval by Oral Review Panelists.
    • Successful candidates will be notified and can formally apply for registration as a LID (email [email protected] and indicate EIDP in the subject line for application information).

  9. Complete required legislation courses
    • All new AAA members must complete the Alberta Building Code Course as part of licensure requirements.

  10. Your name will appear on the AAA website for 15 days to allow for public notification.

  11. After the 15-day period, you are now a LID and may use the designation "Licensed Interior Designer, AAA". You may now have the:
    • Right to practice the regulated scope of interior design in Alberta, including the right to stamp and seal drawings (Section 20(4.1) of the Architects Act)
    • Right to apply for a Firm License to Practice or Corporation Permit to Practice (required for any Registered Architect (RA) or LID to practice when not employed by an existing firm/corporation - refer to Registering a New Firm/Corporation)
    • Right to vote on bylaws reflecting the regulated practice for RAs and LIDs
    • Ability to engage in the activities of a self-regulated profession, including the opportunity to sit on AAA Council and help shape the future of the Alberta Association of Architects
    • Ability to volunteer for AAA boards and committees
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