Student Membership

Students may become members of the AAA if they are engaged in a course of study in the practice of architecture or interior design. 

To apply, please complete the Student Membership Application (a copy of your current student card is required). Student Membership fees will be waived for students enrolled in an Alberta recognized program. Membership will conclude as of the date of course completion.
Important Information for Architecture Students Only
Effective July 1, 2020, architecture students registered with AAA may now log up to 760 pre-graduation hours once they have completed 60 credit hours in courses that contribute to the Student Performance Criteria (SPCs) for accreditation (typically during the final two years).

Architecture students must have confirmation from their post-secondary institution that they have completed 60 credit hours in courses that contribute to the SPCs for accreditation (typically during the final two years of the architecture program). The completed Declaration Form must be submitted with the student's first employment block to the AAA at:

Specifically, architecture students must:
  • Enroll/register in the jurisdiction in which they intend to undertake their internship in architecture.
  • Use the new fourth edition IAP Manual.
  • Ensure that their CERB is complete and submitted at the end of every employment block.
  • Students are required to complete the CERB in accordance with the provisions of Appendix B.

*This change is for architecture students only and is not retroactive.

For more information, please contact: