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Intern, Architecture, Policy, Membership
Having guidance, encouragement and support from supervisors and mentors is a vital part of the internship process.

Legislation, Intern, Architecture, Membership

Intern, Architecture, Policy, Membership
The Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) is meant to provide Interns with a tool to record their architectural experience and to enable the CALA jurisdiction to verify and assess the nature and breadth of this experience.

AAA Bulletins are published monthly as a resource to communicate association news to members and stakeholders.

The Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) is a self-governing professional association charged under the Architects Act with the registration of Architects and the licensing of Licensed Interior Designers in the province of Alberta.

The AAA presents "Compliance: Practice Perspectives in the Alberta Building Design and Construction Industry", a one-hour course designed for Alberta's safety code officers and frontline permitting officers.

Intern, Licensed Interior Design, Policy, Membership, Resources

Intern, Architecture, Policy, Membership, Resources