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Every two years, The AAA, The Saskatchewan Association of Architects and The Manitoba Association of Architects celebrate those setting new standards of creativity and skill through the Prairie Design Awards.

The AAA presents "Compliance: Practice Perspectives in the Alberta Building Design and Construction Industry", a one-hour course designed for Alberta's safety code officers and frontline permitting officers.

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AAA members are highly trained professionals bound by regulations made under the Architects Act. To be registered or licensed with the AAA individuals must the education requirements, obtain practical experience, pass extensive examinations and complete the mandatory professio...

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Everything you need to know about Council elections, the AAA voting system and how to cast your vote.

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The Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) is meant to provide Interns with a tool to record their architectural experience and to enable the ROAC jurisdiction to verify and assess the nature and breadth of this experience.

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Legislation, Policy, Membership
AAA members invest in the professions of architecture and interior design by volunteering their time and energy to committees.

The Canadian Diversity Initiative's mission is to foster diversity and inclusion through education. They offer online diversity and inclusion training.  For information, or to register, please view their course catalog .