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AAA members are highly trained professionals bound by regulations made under the Architects Act. To be registered or licensed with the AAA individuals must the education requirements, obtain practical experience, pass extensive examinations and complete the mandatory professio...

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The Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) is meant to provide Interns with a tool to record their architectural experience and to enable the CALA jurisdiction to verify and assess the nature and breadth of this experience.

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Changes to a firm or corporation name, ownership or share structure, or letterhead must be approved by the AAA.

Legislation, Applications & Forms, Policy, Membership
Registered Architects and Licensed Interior Designers who are NOT employed by a firm/corporation that is registered/licensed with the AAA must apply for a Firm Licence to Practise or a Corporation Permit to Practise.

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The BEFA program streamlines the process for foreign trained architects to become certified for licensure in Canada.

Legislation, Applications & Forms, Policy, Membership
Members wishing to change or cancel their individual membership may complete and submit a Change of Membership Application.

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