The AAA is governed by a Council of Architects and Licensed Interior Designer who have been elected by the Membership. The Minister of Human Resources and Employment also appoints a Public Representative to enrich Council discussions, particularly those with public implications, and opens the workings of the Association to the public. 

Additionally, the Dean of the Architecture Program at the University of Calgary, the Chair of Mount Royal University's Faculty of Applied Interior Design and student members from both universities sit on council as ex-officio members. Their presence ensures a continual flow of information between the Professions and Alberta's educational institutions and student body.

The AAA Council is an empowered body that is ultimately responsible to the membership to ensure the Architects Act is fulfilled. Some of the responsibilities of Council include:
  • demonstrating its values and mission to its members, stakeholders and the wider community;
  • maintaining, implementing and chieving good governance practices;
  • establishing and monitoring the AAA Strategic Plan; and
  • determining annual fees and approving annual budget.
A detailed explanation of Council expectations can be found in the Council Terms of Reference.

2021 - 2022 Council

AAA Council members can be reached at [email protected] or at the address below:
The Alberta Association of Architects
Duggan House, 10515 Saskatchewan Drive, NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T6E 4S1

Keesa Hutchinson, Architect, AAA
[email protected] 

Gordon Murray, Architect, AAA
Immediate Past President

Greg Beck, Architect, AAA

Jay Boyce, Architect, AAA

Alexis Finlay, Architect, AAA

Genevieve Giguere, Architect, AAA

Natasha Jalbert, Licensed Interior Designer, AAA
Chair, Practice Advisory Committee

Barry Johns, Architect, AAA

Sukhpreet Kaur, Architect, AAA

Farhad Mortezaee, Architect, AAA
Chair, Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee
CAA Board Representative

Ian Moxon, Architect, AAA

Keir Stuhlmiller, Architect, AAA
Chair, Governance & Human Resources Committee
Chair, Nominating Committee

Tiffany Whitnack, Architect, AAA

Michael Ng
Public Representative